FM Zarif: Pompeo’s anti-Iran remarks far from civility

IRNA – The Iranian foreign minister described Wednesday the recent anti-Iran remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as hit-and-miss which were far from civility and logic and not even worth being answered.

This indicates bankruptcy of US foreign policy which has turned into a rented policy, Mohammad Javad Zarif said at the end of a cabinet session held in this Iranian capital city this morning.

Mike Pompeo, in a speech delivered on Monday (May 21), made baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As the Iranian foreign minister stressed, it should be repeated that Mr Pompeo and other American officials present in the American administration are not only imprisoned by their delusions, but also jailed in the past.

Much worse, Zarif said, the US officials have been imprisoned by the corrupt bullying groups whose scandals are being heard by the world public opinion day by day.

Pompeo’s words were at odds with reality and based on the old defeated policies, Zarif said adding none of them were new but uttered with utmost impudence.