Netanyahu mocked on twitter after naming Iran as three threats to Mideast peace

Sputnik– The Israeli Prime Minister has taken to Twitter again to engage in a major verbal offensive against Iran, praising Washington for its “firm position” on the country’s nuclear program, its policy in the Middle East and slamming Tehran with literally “tripled energy.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started May 22 with a series of Tweets, bashing Iran. In the first one he lambasted Tehran as the reason for conflicts in the Middle East in a Leninesque rework of his famous quote “Learn, learn and learn.”

Benjamin Netanyahu@netanyahu

If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.

​The passionate delivery resonated with commentators on Twitter, who responded symmetrically. Even the supporters echoed Netanyahu’s triple verbal attack on Iran.

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My Love @netanyahu❤

گاگولِ یاغی@GagoolYaghi

Islamic Republic, Islamic Republic, Islamic Republic


i’d say palestine but ok, you win


​The critics picked up his stylistic device, but turned it against Israel with slight deviations…


*Israel, Israel, Israel

There, fixed it for you.

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Israel Israel israhell

​…and Netanyahu.




​Others stuck to more classical anti-Netanyahu sentiments.


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Butcher you need to be in The Hague

​However, Netanyahu didn’t stop at one Tweet, elaborating on the matter with several follow-ups. He welcomed Donald Trump’s firm position on Iran, thanked the US for the “right policy,” praising the recent claims by new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – “no enrichment, tough sanctions, and Iran should get out of Syria.”

According to the Israeli top official, this is “the only policy that could ultimately guarantee the security of the Middle East and peace in the region.”

​He also gave his view on Iran’s nuclear program and accused Tehran of hiding the nuclear archive, claiming the Islamic Republic had “lied about it, and moved it from place to place because Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and conquest.”

​Israel was one of the key supporters of Washington’s recent decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran, as President Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, in a move that sparked a cold snap in Washington’s ties with its European allies and co-signatories to the deal, including the European Union, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Iran, Russia, and China.

In his speech “After the Deal: A New Iran Strategy” at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged that the US would apply unprecedented financial pressure on Tehran via sanctions.

Warning that the “sting of sanctions” will not ease until Iran changes its course, Pompeo made it clear that the new sanctions will be the “strongest in history” and will make Tehran battle to “keep its economy alive.”

The Islamic Republic has slammed the address, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani saying that the world cannot accept that Washington makes unilateral decisions for all nations. Iran has repeatedly dismissed the allegations that it continues working on its nuclear program secretly.