US trying to distract attention from real reasons of Afghanistan war: Iran official

IRNA – The US commanders by baselessly accusing Iran of backing Taliban are trying to distract the Afghan public opinion from the real reasons for continuation of war in Afghanistan, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday.

Following the last week’s attack by the terrorist group of Taliban on the western Afghan province of Farah, some blamed neighboring countries for the assault, Bahram Qasemi said.

The American commanders, through their military presence in Afghanistan for several years, killing thousands of innocent people there and being incapable of establishing security in the country, are now trying to raise baseless accusations against Iran in order to distract attention from the realities of war in Afghanistan, Qasemi said.

Taliban’s attacks on Afghan cities and their recapture by the government forces is not something new and has nothing to do with the good ties between the two neighboring countries (Iran and Afghanistan), Qasemi added.

He went on to say that it is over four decades that Iran has stood by the nation and government of the brotherly country of Afghanistan in order to help them defend their independence and sovereignty, so the remarks made [against Iran] in line with satisfying foreigners are not matched with the two countries’ friendly ties.

The diplomat further said that making any connection between the issue of water between the two countries and the internal affairs of Afghanistan is illogical and incorrect.

Diplomatic talks between the Iranian an Afghan governments on the issue of water are underway, he added.

The spokesman also condemned violence and aggression in Afghanistan, saying Iran has always been in support of the peace process in the neighboring country and invites all sides to solve the problems through dialogue.