Iran FM arrives in Istanbul to attend OIC Palestine meeting

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif arrived in Turkey on Friday morning to participate in the extraordinary session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Palestine.

Following the US provocative move in relocating its embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds tens of thousands of Palestinians protested the move who were suppressed brutally by the Israeli forces. At least 60 Palestinians were killed and some 3,000 others injured by live fire or other lethal means.

Turkey as the rotating president of OIC has invited the heads of states and foreign ministers of the Muslim countries to the meeting to discuss the latest status of the occupied territories.

The representatives of fifty-five Muslim countries attending the meeting discussed the stance of the Muslim World on what is going on in the occupied territories, and draw up the final document on Thursday evening.

The document will be discussed in the extraordinary meeting of leaders and foreign ministers of Muslim countries. It will be published as the official stance of the countries after being ratified.

Condemnation of brutal killing of Palestinians by the Zionist regime in international arena and creating a mechanism for trial of Israeli criminals in international courts were among the topics proposed in the document by the experts.

The extraordinary session of OIC on Palestine, Israeli crimes in Gaza and relocation of the US embassy relocation will be held on Friday with the presence of high-ranking officials from more than 40 countries in Istanbul.