US trying to destroy UN : Iran Majlis speaker

IRNA – Washington has been trying to destroy the United Nations (UN), pushing the world toward anarchy, Iranian Majlis (Parliament) speaker said here on Tuesday.

‘Massacre of the Palestinians on Monday is another disgrace to the Zionist regime of Israel and the United States,’ Ali Larijani said at the Majlis open session this morning while condemning killing of more than 50 Palestinians by the Zionists on the Nakba Day.

Larijani said massacre of the oppressed Palestinians which will go down in history happened simultaneously with two events, first with the anniversary of Nakba Day and second with the US move to transfer American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds.

Military forces of the Zionist regime fired at peaceful demonstration of Palestinians in Gaza Strip on Monday against relocation of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit ul Moqaddas (Jerusalem), killing 54 civilians and injuring thousands.

Although almost all world countries condemned the US President Donald Trump’s Dec 2017 decision to move the embassy, Washington decided to do so in order to make the UN unreliable, Larijani said.

It is obvious that the US move is against the UN Security Council and General Assembly’s resolutions, said the speaker.

US withdrawal from Paris Agreement, the Iran Deal, and the country’s move to transfer its embassy are all against the US Security Council resolutions, Larijani said.

Even the US 2003 military expedition against Iraq had no authorization from the UNSC, Larijani added.