Hezbollah says US, Saudi, Israel pressured Morocco into severing Tehran ties

Press TV- Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has said that Morocco cut ties with Iran due to pressure from the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.   

On Tuesday, Hezbollah released a statement in which it denied accusations made by Morocco concerning the resistance movement’s training and arming of the Polisario Front.

The statement added that Morocco had decided to cut ties with Iran under “American, Israeli and Saudi pressure.”

Morocco annexed Western Sahara in 1975 and considers it the country’s “southern province.” It has proposed autonomy for Africa’s last colony, something Polisario stiffly rejects.

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Earlier in the day Moroccon Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita accused Iran and Hezbollah of training and arming Polisario fighters.

He also announced that Morocco would be severing ties with Iran, closing its embassy in Tehran and expelling the Iranian ambassador in Rabat.

“Morocco was left without a choice but to act and cut diplomatic ties and close its embassy in Tehran,” he said.