Oil exports over 2.5mbd: Iran

SHANA– Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says Iran is currently exporting upwards of 2.5 million barrels per day of crude oil and gas condensate (ultra-light form of crude).

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the official said the recent drop in Iran’s crude exports is temporary, saying that the country has now ramped up its exports.

He commented on Iran’s latest oil sales, saying: “Iran’s total export of crude oil and gas condensate is now more than 2.5 million barrels a day.”

Asked about the fate of South Pars Oil Layer, Zangeneh said, “Negotiations for the development of the oil layer of South Pars gas field with Denmark’s Maersk was halted because the company was purchased by France’s Total, and we have no plans for assigning Total with the project;…and we have not yet received any serious proposals in this regard”

Gas export to Oman

Commenting on Iran’s plans to export natural gas to Oman, the Iranian Minister of Petroleum said the progress of negotiations in this area is “very desirable”, saying, “Right now, we have reached the stage at which tenders will be announced for the construction of a sea pipeline or signing a capital contract with a foreign company that will construct the pipeline.”

Discounts to India?

Responding to a question on rumors about Iran offering discounts to its Indian customers, the official said: “We have not given India any special discounts. Albeit, we need to resort certain price policies to be able to stay in the market.”

“We would do whatever necessary to counter Trump,” he added, responding to allegations that the discounts to India are given as measures against US President Donald Trump’s anti-Iran policies.

President Trump has until May 12th to decide whether to restore US sanctions against Iran.

“We must wait and see what Trump will do. We, as the Islamic Republic of Iran, would tap all our experiences and potentialities to safeguard the country against Trump and would not set aside any options,” Mr. Zangeneh said.

Farzad B Development

Iran and India have agreed on development of the Farzad B gas field by Indian companies. “Indians will deliver sour gas to us and Iran will concern its transmission and swap,” he said about the agreement.