‘Fixing’ nuclear deal by US, EU ‘mere speculation’

MNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ghasemi dismissed on Mon. as ‘mere speculation’ the news raised in certain media outlets about US and EU’s agreement on ‘fixing’ the 2015 nuclear deal.

Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said that he was uninformed about the number and the content of recent meetings held by certain European countries with the US, adding “at any rate, the JCPOA is a matter between Iran and the 5+1, and issues raised in some media outlets [about ‘fixing’ the nuclear deal by US and the European sides] are not credible and are mere speculations.”

Asked about the recent attack on Syria by the Israeli regime, Ghasemi said, “Iran had a timely response in condemning the attack by the aggressive regime of Israel. But this is the right of the Syrian people to take stances against such measures.”

Ghasemi was referring to the attack carried out by two Israeli F-15 warplanes from Lebanese air space on T-4 air base in Homs on April 8 that killed and wounded several people. Following the Israeli attack, Syria warned about its “dangerous repercussions”, stressing that assault would not have been possible without massive US support.