A summarize about today’s US-led strikes against Syria

April 14, The Iran Project – A Syrian twitter user has summarized the attack – by US, British and French military forces after President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the country – in a tweet thread.

The thread by @WaelAlRussi is as follows: 


A summarize about the #US led strikes against #Syria

At ~ 9:00 PM Syrian time (yesterday)
#Russia warned the #SAA that a hostile attack is imminent.

At 2:00 AM Syrian time a high air activity over #Jordan was noted

The hostile jets took off from #Qatar #UAE #Cyprus #Jordan and #US vessels in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean were noted preparing to strike.
At 3:55 the first wave of the hostile missiles began flying over the #Syria/n airspace from the south towards #Damascus

The second wave approached from the south and other missiles flew from Al Swidaa desert near Al Tnaf towards #Homs.
The third wave came from the Mediterranean Sea over north #Lebanon.
During the first wave, two missiles managed to hit the scientific research center in Barzeh north of #Damascus

During the 2nd wave one missile managed to hit an army base west of #Homs
And two missiles were jammed away from targets and hit a residential area
During the 3rd wave two missiles hit an ex-depot near Harsta suburb

Many missile were supposed to target Mazzeh-Dumyar ABs and the scientific research center in Jumraya, the 155 missile brigade, the 105 RG brigade, the 4th Division command, Zydel plant in #Homs, #Damascus international airport.
But with no success.
The #Syria/n AD Forces used the following systems to engage the missiles:
AA guns
And managed to down over 90 missiles from~97
The majority of the AD systems which were on duty at the time fired all of it’s arms at the hostile objects, and some units were told to re-arm.

After the #US confirmed that the attack is over, some hostile objects were still flying towards their targets.
And after the attack a UAV was approaching #Damascus from the west and it was downed by two SA-6 missiles.
The UAV was most likely an #Israel/i.

The attack resulted in 3 injured civilians near #Homs

The low number of casualties was due to the preparation since #Trump began his Twitter threats, and because the AD systems were very effective in repelling the strike.


Another tweet:

One of #Trump’s new nice smart missiles which managed to hit,,,nothing.
West of #Homs #Syria