Energy Minister: Iran, Turkmenistan to resolve electricity transmission problem soon

FNA – Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian in a meeting with his Turkmen counterpart Charimirat Purchekov in Ashgabat on Saturday agreed to resolve the problems facing the second line of power transmission between the two countries.

During the meeting in the Turkmen capital today, Ardakanian and Purchekov agreed that the level of energy exchanges between the two countries to reach 850 megawatts in addition to resolving the transmission problems.

“The problem facing the second line of power transmission between the two countries of Iran and Turkmenistan will be resolved in the shortest possible time,” Ardakanian told reporters after his meeting with Purchekov.

Ardakanian, who has travelled to Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat in order to follow up relevant agreements made between the presidents of the two countries in the energy field, underlined that the issues related to the water and energy sectors have been the common topics of the two sides in the course of visit of Iranian president to Turkmenistan.

The Iranian energy minister also added that the third-line electricity transmission project from Iran, which has been implemented from Mashhad to Sarakhs, but which has not yet been implemented from Turkmenistan from Sarakhs to Marv, has been implemented as soon as possible.

During the talks, it was decided to re-energize the second line of electricity transmission from Turkmenistan to Iran, which, unfortunately, has occurred in the last 6 months without electricity.

He said the Turkmen delegation will come to Iran to start talks on the implementation of the 500 kV line project next week.

Ardakanian emphasized that by implementing this line, the capacity of the energy exchanges between the two countries will reach 850 megawatts, and said, “Besides, we will use Turkmenistan’s electricity production at needed times, as well as the possibility of exporting electricity from Turkmenistan to third countries, implementation of this We provide the project.”

Energy Minister Ardakanian went on to say that the second power transmission line from Turkmenistan to Iran will come back on stream after six months of having been out of service.

Ardakanian, who traveled to Turkmenistan as part of a delegation accompanying President Rouhani, said that “following the negotiations held during today’s meeting, it was decided that the second power transmission line from Turkmenistan to Iran, which has been unfortunately without power for the last six months, to come back on stream in the coming days.”

He also said that that a third power transmission line from Iran to Turkmenistan will be completed soon. According to him, the line from Iran’s Mashhad to Sarakhs has been completed, but the line from Sarakhs to Marv has not yet been constructed by the Turkmen’s side.

A delegation from Turkmenistan will visit Iran next week to hold talks on the construction of the 500kW power line as the two countries’ third power transmission line.