Energy Committee head: Europe, US looking for sanctioning Iran again

MNA– The head of Iranian Parliament’s Energy Committee said on Wednesday that Europe and the US are serious about sanctioning Iran again, warning of French Total disloyalty.

Faraydoon Hassanvand told Mehr News Agency correspondent today that there are concerns about the Unites States and European countries’ attempts to impose sanctions on Iran’s economy once more.

He added that the French company Total has so far fulfilled its commitments under the contract, but there are concerns if the western countries go ahead with their proposed sanctions, the French company too will quit the contract as it had done in the past.

He went on to explain that Trump administration and some European countries are currently seeking withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and reinstalling the sanctions again.

Hassanvand added Total may leave at the request of the western countries when those countries quit the deal.

The head of Iranian Parliament’s Energy Committee hoped that Total will stay in Iran, but if not, it will be financially fined according to the contract regulations.