Iranian media abuzz over sudden Tehran mayor resignation

Al-Monitor- On March 14, Iranians woke up to a surprising piece of news: Tehran’s mayor, prominent Reformist Mohammad Ali Najafi, who was only chosen as mayor in August, had submitted his resignation to the city council.

Explaining the reason for what had occurred, Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of Tehran’s Reformist-dominated city council, said at a press conference on March 14 that Najafi’s resignation will be studied in the first session of the city council in the coming Iranian year (beginning March 21) and that he must remain as mayor until then.

Of note, the first session of the city council in the new Iranian year will be held on April 8.

Hashemi said, “In the [coming] session, which will be held with Najafi’s presence, his resignation will be studied. And if his explanation convinces the [city council] members, they will accept his resignation.” He added, “If his explanations don’t convince the city council members, he will remain as mayor.”

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