Military spokesman: Future belongs to Islamic Resistance Movements

IRNA – Armed Forces spokesman General Masoud Jazayeri said on Tuesday that future belongs to Islamic Resistance movements.


General Jazayeri made the remarks in condemnation of recent legislation sanctions issued by the US congress against noble movements, and said there is no doubt that the US pressure will leave impacts on them.

In fact sanctions might create crisis or even mislead a revolution, a system, a movement, a country or a society, but there are ways and strategies which help to live under sanctions and be quite successful, he said.

Referring to the US hostile policies in dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran, General Jazayeri said they exerted much pressure and also imposed harshet sanctions over past 40 years on the Iranian armed forces.

‘Thanks to such pressures which helped enhance our defensive capabilities,’ he said.

Resistance is a thorn in the eyes of global arrogance and international Zionism, General Jazayeri said.

Imposing sanctions are not a sign of authority, but they are reactions against a new power, he said.

Resistance has learned how to pass sanctions, pressures, military actions, political moves, influence and espionage, General Jazayeri said.

‘In the absence of Resistance Movements, Zionists had plundered the entire region to attain their sinister goals,’ he concluded.