Water diplomacy, cross-border cultivation FM’s top priority

MNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araghchi said that diplomacy of cross-border waters is a part of water diplomacy and cross-border cultivation is also put atop agenda to deal with drought drastically.

Speaking today morning in a National Seminar entitled “Water Diplomacy and Hydro-Politic Opportunities in West Asia”, he said, “in the recent years, precipitation rate has decreased in the country due to the climatic changes. On the other hand, we are facing with water shortage problem with the increasing and immethodical consumption of water and urbanization system, the issue of which shows that we do not have a good situation in this regard.”

Unfortunately, patterns of water consumption have not been taken into consideration in the country seriously, he said, adding, “water resources of the country should be used optimally. Now, underground reserves of the country are declining.”

Given the above issue, effective strategies should be taken in this regard with the aim of managing consumption of water optimally and in a logical manner, Araghchi highlighted.

He lashed out at the growing consumption of water in agricultural field and said, “water consumption pattern in agricultural land areas should be corrected logically.”

Sistan-Baluchestan Province faces critical water shortage problem in a way that many wetlands and marches of this province are drying up, he said, adding, “agricultural sector in the country will hit hard under such critical situation.”

Water has been a topic of collaboration and cooperation over the history rather than a subject of conflict, so that countries came to this conclusion that they should establish fair and sound cooperation with one another in this regard, the deputy foreign minister reiterated.

Iranian Foreign Ministry will certainly put the immethodical consumption of water and its optimal management atop of its agenda, he said and called on responsible organizations and bodies to take effective steps in order to tackle water shortage problem overshadowed the country seriously, Araghchi concluded.