‘Iran hopes new Resolution will allow ceasefire throughout Syria’

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, while stressing the complexity of Syrian issue, said many actors have taken part in the resolution of crises and “we hope the ceasefire plan will reduce violence, suffering and resume movement toward a negotiated peace and a transition in Syria.”

Addressing the media during his weekly press conference on Monday, Ghasemi offered condolences to the Iranian nation and bereaved families of the victims over the deadly plane crash in Yasuj which killed 66 passengers and crew members on board.

Referring to the complexity of Syrian issue, Ghasemi said the unrest and war in the country is in no sides’ interest.

He expressed hope the new Resolution will allow a ceasefire throughout Syria for all military operations and politically resolve the crises in the war-torn country. In Damascus, we also see flares that we hope will lead to a ceasefire and lead to a reduction in violence.