Armenia has not received cheaper gas deal offer from Iran, official says– At the moment Armenia does not have a more competitive offer of gas price than the one received from Russia, a deputy minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources told a news conference on Monday, commenting on the recent statement by the Iranian Ambassador Seyed Kazzem Sajjadi claiming Iran is ready to supply gas to Armenia on affordable terms.

According to Hayk Harutyunyan, Iran has not so far made any proposal to sale natural gas at more affordable prices to Armenia than Russia.

“When we receive a more competitive price, we will discuss that possibility. Anyways, the issue is on our agenda. Armenia is also interested in purchasing gas at cheaper prices,” the official said.

Harutyunyan informed that Armenia imported a total of 382 million 700 thousand cubic meters of Iranian gas in 2017 (up by 2.7% from 2016) against the 1 billion 996 million cubic meters of the Russian gas (up by 7% from 2016).

Meantime, the deputy minister added the talks with the Islamic Republic are underway.