Iran proud no superpower helped its revolution: President Rouhani

IRNA – We are proud to have completed a revolution which was not supported by any superpower, said the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday while addressing a large number of people in the city of Sirjan, Kerman Province, southeast Iran.

‘Iranians are presently more prepared than ever to defend the country’s independence, national security, sovereignty, progress and resistance against enemies,’ said the President.

Speaking to a bumper crowd of people, President Rouhani said, ‘Which part of the Middle East is now safer than Iran; Iranians achieved this security through unity and support for the security forces.’

‘No one in Washington should think that they can decide for the Iranian nation; [Iranian] people have not forgotten tortures of the Savak [the defunct Shah’s intelligence service] that was founded by you [the US] ; No one will forget your crimes in the region. You have confiscated people’s assets, and imposed sanction on the [Iranian] people but they care about their future themselves.’

‘If you are honest, return the Iranians’ assets,’ added President Rouhani.

President Rouhani is in Sirjan to inaugurate several development projects.