Continued Turkish aggression on Afrin leaves two civilians dead, causes huge damage

SANA– The Turkish regime continued its aggression against Afrin city in Aleppo northern countryside through shelling residential neighborhoods with different types of weapons, leaving more civilians dead, mostly children and women, in addition to causing huge damage to the houses.

Civil sources told SANA that the continued shelling by forces of the Turkish regime on Afrin city and Hamam village for the 13th day in a row left two civilians dead, one of them was a child, in addition to causing huge damage to the citizens’ houses and the infrastructure.

The sources added that the villages of Kandi Muzin, Bashamra and Basoufan have been shelled randomly by the Turkish forces as the movement stopped at the streets of the villages.

The source indicated that the forces of the Turkish regime shelled again the area of the Nissan 17 Dam in a way that might lead to the collapse of the dam.

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun