Chinese direct investment in Iran up 20%

MNA – General Manager of Iranian Investment Organization Mohammad Khazaei said here on Tuesday that China’s direct investment in Iran has experienced a considerable 20 percent.

He pointed to the ever growing development of all-out relations between Tehran and Beijing and said, “Chinese company made direct investment, valued at $2.3 billion, in Iran since 2013 up to the end of current Iranian month of Dey (Jan. 22, 2018), showing a considerable growth.”

Speaking in Iran and China Investment and Business Opportunities Forum, he said, “political and economic diplomacy, expectations of community and politicians is a part of diplomacy according to the political and economic realities.”

The deputy minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) reiterated, “Today, Iran is considered as one of the largest military, political and economic powers in the region, so that it plays an important role in political and economic equation of the region significantly.”

Relationship between Iran and China dates back to many years ago, he said, adding, “Iran won full support of Chinese government wholeheartedly before and after sanctions period.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the deputy minister of economy pointed to the establishment of Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIB) with the initial capital of $100 billion as the most important positive move taken by China and added, “the newly-established bank by Chinese government has managed to compete with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”

He pointed to the amicable and friendly relations between Iran and China in international level and added, “the bilateral ties between Iran and China is on the verge of considerable growth, so that such intimate ties between the two countries has not thus far been tarnished.”

Presently, more than eight percent of oil and gas energy resources required by China is provided from Iran, he said, adding, “Iran’s crude oil sales level to China stands at the highest level especially in the recent decade in way that Iran exports more than $11 billion worth of crude oil to China.”

In conclusion, the deputy minister of economy said that total trade volume exchanged between Iran and China in 2017 increased about 22 percent as compared to the same period of last year, so that Iran’s first ever giant financing contract was inked with China in investment field.