Damascus fights terrorism to the end: Syrian speaker

IRNA – Syria will continue fight against terrorism until the flag of peace is hoisted in the country, Syrian speaker of the People’s Assembly said here on Wednesday.

‘Peace in Syria makes certain countries angry; however, Damascus does not let them disturb peace in the country,’ Hammouda Sabbagh said at the 13th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC member countries (PUIC) underway in the Iranian capital.

‘Syria, under Bashar Assad’s leadership, has adopted the policy of combating terrorism and occupation, bringing about unity among all groups and respecting humanity while countering terrorist thought,’ Sabbagh said.

The Syrian nation, with its rich culture, managed to resist against the terrorists, and the country has had constant support from other Muslims, he added.

Referring to the big achievements gained after the coalition between Iran, Syria and other allies was formed, he said Syria has been able to expel the terrorists [from the country], and it is an important point.

About the Tehran PUIC conference, the Syrian speaker said all should join hands to powerfully stand against the terrorists.

He, at the end of his speech, thanked the people, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the government and Majlis (Parliament) of Iran for their all-out support for Syria.

The 13th session of the PUIC began in Tehran on Tuesday with a speech by President Hassan Rouhani who urged the need to ‘solve our problems through peaceful solutions.’

The 13th PUIC Conference will end its work today by issuing a final statement.

During the five-day conference which followed by holding related meetings and committees since January 13, the PUIC focused on the questions of the World of Islam including the issue of Palestine as well as political affairs and foreign relations, human rights, women and family affairs, cultural and legal affairs, dialogue of civilizations and religion, economic affairs, and the environment.