All riot ringleaders ID’d: Judiciary deputy

IRNA – All the ringleaders of the recent riots in Iran were identified and arrested, said the head of the Judiciary’s Center for Statistics and Information Technology.

‘The rioters, heads of the riots, and those who organized and led the recent riots in Iran will be tried, and face maximum sentences,’ said Hamid Shahriari.

Shahriari added, ‘I have no idea how many rioters were arrested. But [I know] all the standard-bearers have been arrested.’

He also said that the seditionists and the rioters aim to propagandize against the Islamic Establishment through a few media applications, but they themselves know that they cannot achieve anything.

Shahriari added that Iran is to support the local social media to provide the people the best communication channels possible.

In the recent days, there were some peaceful protests in Iran against high prices and unemployment that turned violent when some rioters entered the crowd.