Iran English language newspaper headlines on Saturday, 06-01-2018

Iran Daily

Iranians rally for third day in show of unity, strength
People from all walks of life rallied in major cities across Iran for a third consecutive day to reiterate support for the Islamic establishment following scattered riots in some parts of the country.

New book leaves Trump ‘furious’
US President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on former top adviser Steve Bannon, responding to a new book that portrays Trump as an undisciplined man-child who didn’t actually want to win the White House and quotes Bannon as calling his son’s contact with a Russian lawyer “treasonous.”

Macron slams US hostile attitude toward Iran
Emmanuel Macron on Thursday blasted Donald Trump for bringing the US closer to war with his hostile attitude toward Iran.

US sanctions five Iranian companies
The United States imposed sanctions Thursday on five Iranian companies it alleges are working on part of the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program.

North, South Korea agree to first talks in two years
North and South Korea agreed on Friday to hold their first talks in more than two years, hours after Seoul and Washington decided to defer joint military exercises which always infuriate Pyongyang until after the Winter Olympics.

Russia: US looking for reasons to harm Iran nuclear deal
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Friday said Washington is “looking for reasons” to pressure Iran on its nuclear program.

Terrorist groups dismantled in western Iran
Iran’s intelligence forces disbanded a cell that had links with the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) in the western province of Lorestan.

Tehran complains to Ofcom about UK media propaganda over Iran events
Tehran complained to the UK media regulator, Ofcom, about a propaganda campaign launched by some British media outlets, in defiance of Britain’s own law, with the aim of fueling the recent scattered riots in some areas in Iran.

Tehran to host regional security conference Monday
The second edition of a conference on Middle East security will be held in Iran’s capital of Tehran on January 8.


Tehran Times


U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iran
The U.S. imposed sanctions on five entities tied to Iran’s ballistic-missile program.

Trump flouting intl law with ‘absurd tweets’, Iran tells UN
Iran has accused the United States of “inciting” anti-government protests that have gripped the country, and said the Donald Trump administration had “flouted” international law and the principles of the UN charter by supporting the unrest in a series of “absurd tweets”.

ISIL declares war on Hamas resistance movement
The Egyptian wing of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Daesh) Takfiri terrorists has released a new execution video, declaring war on the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement based in Gaza.

Redefining public holidays, weekends: how efficient is that?
The notion of “too many public and unofficial holidays” in Iran has always been a matter of controversy among lawmakers and decision making bodies in the country but despite all the arguments no decisive action has been actually taken so far.

The thinking of U.S. and UK in signing of military action
The rising strength of the Revolutionary Guards has made Western thinkers feel scared about this power.

Contrasting leadership styles in the Saudi-Iran conflict
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) is steadily consolidating power in Riyadh and positioning himself to become the most powerful ruler in Saudi history.

Zarif blasts Trump’s hypocritical approach towards Iranians
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has blasted U.S. President Donald Trump’s hypocritical approach towards recent protests in Iran.

March against rioters, foreign meddling
Iranians held rallies on Friday in several cities to denounce violent protests and plots by the enemies to abuse the peaceful demonstrations in order to harm to the Islamic Republic.

Joe Biden believes annulling nuclear deal will isolate U.S.
Joe Biden, the former vice-president of the U.S., has said that annulling the 2015 nuclear
will isolate the U.S. from its allies.

Macron: U.S.-Israel-Saudi language is a path to war with Iran
French President Emmanuel Macron has said it was important to maintain dialogue with Iran, warning that the tone of comments adopted by the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia towards Tehran was virtually a path to war.

Coelho to Reza Pahlavi: Shut up!
Paulo Coelho, author of the widely translated novel The Alchemist, has blasted Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last Shah of Iran, for attempting to stage a coup in Iran, saying Iranians will support their country in such case.