Iran president calls for finding roots of recent unrests in Iran

IRNA – Iran president Hassan Rouhani called for finding the roots of the recent incidents which happened in the Iranian cities, Chief of staff of Iran’s President Mahmoud Vaezi said.

“President Rouhani emphasized on preserving peace and tranquility in the country,” Vaezi said.

He also appreciated interior ministry, police and all those who tried to behave calmly.

“Despite the fact that president Rouhani had said the people are our supporters some people provoke riot in cities, depreciate sanctities and fire public places,” he said.

Commenting on US President Donald Trump’s position, Vaezi said “fortunately Iranian government, president and people reacted quickly since US animosity towards the Iranian people was proved to us 40 years ago.”

A number of the Iranian cities were the scenes of unrests in recent days. The protests against rising prices and economic situation turned into sporadic violence in some places.