Palestine issue should be solved like Iran nuclear deal: PA advisor

IRNA – To solve the Palestinian-Israeli dispute, a mechanism should be devised similar to that of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal, said an advisor to the president of the Palestinian National Authority.

‘The Palestinian National Authority is looking for a substitute for the United States as the mediator, like what existed in the nuclear negotiations of Iran with the world powers,’ Nabil Shaath told the Arabic Russia Today.

‘We are not looking for one country as the mediator; we try that the framework of the talks be in an international level and with participation of more than a few countries.’

The advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas said, ‘There are continued attempts to counter the Zionist regime and to recognize Palestine with the Holy Quds as its capital.’

The UN Security Council passed a resolution and opposed any change in the situation of the Holy Quds and recognized the Palestinian’s rights in spite of the fact that US President Donald Trump and US representative had threatened to cut the financial aids to countries that agree with the resolution.

From the 193 countries present in the UN General Assembly, 128 agreed with the resolution, 9 disagreed, and 35 abstained.

‘It is possible to form a conference in Russia to find a new mediator, and this time Palestine will demand full membership in the UN,’ Shaath added.