Interior min. calls for advanced seismographs, GPS around Iran

MNA – Iranian Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli held a meeting with experts and university professors in the field of seismology and called for more advanced seismographs and positioning systems to be used in Iran.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli attended a meeting on Wednesday where he asked the governor of Tehran and the director of Tehran Crisis Management and Prevention Organization to adopt immediate measures to solve the problems experts encounter in Iranian Seismological Center and to take action for setting up a seismological center in Malard County.

Rahmani Fazli also asked the governor of Tehran to take necessary measures to solve the problem posed by underground wells in Tehran and to work out appropriate strategies for preserving the site of the museum of seismology.

The interior minister said that new seismographs and GPSs are going to be utilized in various spots in the country and asked Iran Seismological Center and the National Cartographic Center to present a list of their priority areas to Crisis Management and Prevention Organization as soon as possible.

Fazli stressed the necessity of training people about earthquakes through media and said “training and educating play major roles in helping people to do the right thing when an earthquake strikes. That is why Crisis Management and Prevention Organization must cooperate with the media in order to produce instructive programs.”

University professors and outstanding experts in seismology discussed the latest news about earthquakes in several provinces such as Kermanshah, Kerman, Alborz and Tehran.