Human rights of strategic value for Iran: Zarif

MNA –The Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif believes that the elements of power have changed in the world of today and human rights is one of the factors influencing power equations in the world of today.

“The concept of human rights is important both internally and internationally and both of them are borne in our mind considering the concept of transition of power in the world,” said Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister on Saturday.

The Iranian official made the remarks addressing the special session on Manifestation of Human Rights Standards in Iran’s Penal Code, in Tehran.

“We are having the richest of resources on human rights in our Islamic texts and teachings but our focus was more on ethics and the westerners were focused on rights,” he added.

“As a result we paid less attention to creating literature in human rights and we were less successful but it does not mean that we lack in this field; it means we have had less concentration on it,” noted the Iranian top diplomat.

“There was a time the power of a country was assess based on the number of gunboats they possess and later economy factor was added to this judgment, but the today international conditions have created the new power apparatuses in governments giving them more or less power,” highlighted Mr. Zarif.