Trump’s Jerusalem decision is uniting Palestinians

American Herald Tribune |  ROBERT INLAKESH: The recent recognition by the Trump Administration, of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Israeli state, has sparked worldwide outrage and resulting in huge uprisings in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Before I go any further in explaining the situation, I would like to re-state the position taken (above) in the title. This move, is perhaps the best thing for the Palestinian national struggle, since the second intifada. The reason being, that this decision was so outrageous, so demeaning and in such blatant violation of international law, that politics, internal issues and religion are being placed aside in Palestine. The World has even stood up for the Palestinians, with the United Nations General assembly voting 151-6, to declare that Israel is an occupying force, that has no right to Jerusalem.

We are now seeing the Palestinian people stand up together, united. Before this decision, people in the West Bank – in particular – were divided, many groups hated each other. Politics and personal issues – many times caused by international organizations and/or activists, with money – had split many grassroots movements apart, divided many families and really made it impossible for a popular uprising against the Israeli occupiers to take place. However, since Trumps “declaration of war” upon the Palestinian people, through such a blatant attack upon, not only their national identity, but their religions too, Palestinians are uniting.

Donald Trump has practically killed any possibility of achieving the consensus, for a ‘two-state solution’ and in doing so has given birth to a possible, united Palestinian resistance.

Back in September of this year, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) signed a unity deal, insuring that the long maintained feud between the two parties had come to an end. This agreement, although a positive step, did not work to fully unite the Palestinian people at that time. This recent event however, has seemed to have done so.

Just under 2000 protesters have been injured throughout the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza. As Israeli troops violently suppress demonstrations, using various internationally banned weapons and munitions, tensions only rise.

Four people have died in the Gaza strip, one shot dead during a peaceful demonstration, whilst the other three were killed in separate bombing attacks (in civilian areas), carried out by the Israeli air-force.

Hamas has repeatedly called for an intifada, with the al-Qassam brigades today vowing to “punish Israel for its violence against demonstrators”. Fatah party have even warned that there will be resistance, with the resistance group known as ‘the al-Aqsa brigades’ threatening to re-arm and fight against their occupiers.

Using violent methods, such as firing internationally banned tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition, Israeli forces have clashed with Palestinian protestors. Israeli military and police forces, have been caught on camera brutalizing old women in Jerusalem, arresting children brutally and intimidating/injuring the press reporting what is happening.

All of what we are currently seeing here, is a stirring of the boiling pot, which is about to erupt with rage. Many will argue that Israel would invite this to happen, as this is just another excuse to kill more innocent Palestinians, yet this really is not the case this time around. An intifada waged by a united population of Palestinians, in co-operation with resistance organizations would be the most dangerous thing for the Israeli state at this moment.

Israel is going to fall apart from the inside if a successful intifada is waged at this time. Prime Minister Netanyahu of the Likud party, is currently fighting corruption charges and is losing support from much of Israel’s very right-wing society, as well as from the left. Israel has also just lost 77% of its cheap oil imports from Northern – formerly Kurdish held – Iraq (Kirkuk in particular), losing it to the Iraqi army, an army that is now stronger than it was when Saddam Hussein was in control of the country. Israel is also in a position where it cannot challenge Lebanon, as Hezbollah’s response could perhaps destroy the state. Also it should be noted, that Syria has all but cleansed itself of Daesh (ISIS). The strength of what is known as ‘the axis of resistance’, is greater than ever and Israel surely know this.

For the first time in history, there are Arab and Muslim countries in the region, that can successfully defend themselves and who have a strong alliance. These factors all heavily pressure Israel and have been a key reason in influencing the newly formed alliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Although Israel was on the back foot, before Trumps decision, it was not under threat of having the law enforced.

A Palestinian intifada would at this time frighten the Israeli population. Many of the 600,000+ illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank, live there because it’s an easy life and they are paid to live there, if an intifada breaks out, their incentive to live there will be outweighed and we can expect many to flee. The same thing could likely happen with the Israeli population within Israeli territory also, the amount leaving the country, in fact increases year to year.

Labor is a big problem for Israel and so, if many flee the country out of fear, this will put real pressure on the government. Palestinians do not have an army, they fight with small militant factions, who engage with the IDF through guerrilla war tactics. The way in which the Palestinians fight, is a way in which the IDF does not fully understand.

A guerrilla war means bleeding the enemy into making concessions, which is what could very well happen. Israel has a strong air-force, but are afraid of ground confrontations and struggle in every confrontation they ever engage in with Hamas, on the ground.

From a Zionist perspective, perhaps Trump has recognized Jerusalem’s Capital purely to capitulate to Benjamin Netanyahu’s ambitions, but in doing so may have “opened the gates of hell” for Israel, as Hamas put it.

The only option left available seems like resistance, for the Palestinians, at this stage and perhaps, this will also be the only option that Israel will ever listen to.