Syrian army: US, Israeli arms left behind in Daesh hideouts in Dayr al-Zawr

Press TV – Syrian troops have found a cache of US and Israel-made weapons and equipment belonging to Daesh terrorists in the recently-recaptured Dayr al-Zawr.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA on Saturday, Syrian troops discovered a large amounts of weapons, various types of ammo, explosive devices, landmines, communication devices, armored vehicles, car bombs, and tanks left behind by Daesh terrorists.

A Syrian army commander told SANA that a large amount of the weapons and equipment found there were made by the US or Israel.

He added that the scale of the discovery is proof of the direct and systematic support provided to Daesh by regional and international states.

A picture showing a cache of weapons and arms seized by Syria forces in the Dayr al-Zawr province on December 9, 2017 (Photo by SANA)

This was not the first time that the Syrian government forces made such discoveries from terrorists’ hideouts across the country.