President Rouhani: We welcome amicable, balanced Tehran-London ties Speaking at a meeting with British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, President Rouhani referred to the necessity of developing a friendly and balanced relationship between Iran and the United Kingdom in the interests of securing and safeguarding common interests, saying: “Despite the post-JCPOA atmosphere, the two countries’ relations have not been proportionate to the potentials for cooperation, and to reach the optimal level in relations and partnerships, more effort is needed”.

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the cooperation of Iran and the P5 + 1, in a major move, led to a valuable international agreement, adding: “We should show determination for taking advantage of the post-JCPOA atmosphere for comprehensive development in relations and cooperation in practice and see its effects”.

Referring to the necessity of deepening Iran-UK banking cooperation in line with the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the President said: “JCPOA’s implementation and maintenance is important and we believe that everyone, and especially the Iranian nation, should be able to enjoy its benefits.”

President also stressed that said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking sustainable peace and stability, end of war and bloodshed, and eradication of terrorism in the region, saying: “London’s dialogue with Tehran could help bring about more stability to the region”.

“Today, it is well known that Iran has saved the region from destruction and terrorism by its constructive role, and no one can doubt the positive actions of Iran in the region,” he continued.

The president continued: “The region is in a condition that its fire must not be fanned, and the recent decision of the US president to transfer their embassy to the Holy Quds was an incorrect decision, in fact fanning the fire”.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said: “We are determined to cement Tehran-London relations in various sectors,” adding that today, the JCPOA has created good opportunities for the development of relations between Iran and the United Kingdom.

“There are good business and economic opportunities in Iran, and we are interested in British companies’ participation on projects in Iran,” said the Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, emphasising that the JCPOA was a positive agreement to be continued and that the Iranian people could benefit from its economic advantages.

Johnson also said: “The UK did not consider the decision of the US president to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem an appropriate action”, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken positive steps in the fight against terrorism and the development of peace and stability in the region.