Iran important country in strategic region

MNA – UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson detailed why he is visiting Tehran later today Dec. 9.

UK Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, who is on the way to Tehran for an official visit said at Muscat Airport that Iran is an important country in an strategic region and his trip to Iran is an opportunity for further discussions on some sensitive issues, including how to find a solution to end devastating conflict in Yemen and to reduce the suffering of the people of that country.

He emphasized his country’s continued support for the nuclear deal with Iran.

The British Foreign Secretary described their relations with Iran since 2011 as remarkable, though they still are not on the right path.

He concluded that dialogue is the key to improve relations and progress on issues that matter, so he expected a constructive journey. Johnson hoped for resolving cases of Iranian-British nationals as well.

Johnson traveled to Muscat on Friday to talk to Sultan Qaboos, and other officials. He is arriving in Tehran later today Dec. 9.