Leader: Human sciences should be connected to their religious roots

IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s speech made in a meeting with the officials in charge of the first International Conference of Quran and Humanities on May 22 was published in Qom on Thursday.

In his remarks read out to the first International Conference of Quran and Humanities in Qom on Thursday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said, ‘Referring to the Holy Quran and finding answers to various intellecual, political, scientific, and social issues, including those of humanities, are necessary,’ adding, “Some branches of humanities enjoy a centuries-old record of research and criticism which is the prerequisite of entering this field, separating and removing the non-religious and anti-religious roots and connecting the humanities to the Quranic and revelatioal roots as well as total dominance over the works and achievements of the world.”

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized doing team research and said that cooperation is necessary for different centers and groups researching on how to lead the humanities toward Islamic teachings.

He added, “Apart from the fact that there are researchers and intellectuals in the Islamic World that work on Islamic humanities, institutions, like Al-Mustafa International University, find these people and their works, and pave the way for their cooperation and solidarity in the vast international level.”

Placing emphasis on improving the quality of scientific researches and hoping that profound articles would be produced in the International Conference of Quran and Humanities, he said that some of the works produced in Qom by some young intellectuals and forward-looking thinkers are valuable, promising and encourage the beginning of a general forward move in religious researches.