Iran’s effective fight against terrorism ‘undeniable’

MNA – FM spokesman Ghasemi reacted to recent remarks by US Vice-President Mike Pence, saying no country can deny Iran’s constructive role in combating terrorism in region and the world.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi reacted to the anti-Iran remarks made by US Vice-President Mike Pence on Wednesday, saying “accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism by US authorities comes as Iran has always considered the security of the region as the security of its own, and has stood by Iraqi and Syrian governments for more than five years to help restore peace and stability to the region.”

Ghasemi went on to add that Iran’s efforts and assistance to regional countries have helped reign in the violence and bloodshed of ISIL terrorist group in various parts of the world by bringing the self-proclaimed statehood of ISIL to an end in Iraq and Syria.

“No one and no country can deny the constructive and positive role of Iran in fighting the scourge of terrorism in the region and the world,” he stressed.

Ghasemi censured Washington’s deceitful approach and divisive plots in the Middle East, adding “the Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of the repeated, unfounded, and invalid accusations by US officials, will continue to advocate dialogue, cooperation and trust among regional countries as the only viable way to end terrorism and devastating wars in the Middle East.”

“No doubt, security, peace and respect for the sovereignty of countries, as well non-interference in their internal affairs, and an effective fight against terrorism without double standards will be in the interest of all countries in the world,” Ghasemi concluded.