Enemies use Daesh to tarnish image of Islam: IRGC commander

IRNA – The enemies, by creating Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group, intended to portray Islam as a disgusting religion, said Brigadier General Hossein Salami, First Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

‘The enemies have been attempting to represent pure Islam as a ruthless and disgusting religion,’ General Salami said, addressing a ceremony on Monday.

‘Daesh terrorists managed to badly tarnish the luminous image of Islam,’ he added.

The IRGC General also hailed the victory over the Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq and Syria by the resistance forces as a bright era in the modern history of Islam.

‘The great victories by the resistance forces put an end to one of the most dangerous, devastating and sinister plots by the arrogant powers and their Takfiri allies,’ he said.

‘Daesh was a juncture, where the policies adopted by the United States, Israel, Britain and Saudi Arabia met to devise a new dark roadmap for the Islamic Ummah,’ General Salami said.

He went on to say that formation of Takfirism and the Takfiri terrorism was the outcome of consecutive defeats suffered by Washington confronting Islam and Muslims.

The US and its allies capitalized on the capacities of the Takfiri terrorists and sentiments of the young Muslims to go on with their plan to provide Israel with a margin of safety, General salami said.

They wanted to divert the attention of the Muslims from Israel, their main enemy, and put their trajectory on attacking the world of Islam, he said.