DM: Iranian experts produce different types of electronic weapons

FNA- The Iranian defense ministry in a statement on Saturday announced that the country’s experts have been able to manufacture different types of electronic weapons and missiles.

The statement was issued on the occasion of Basij (volunteer forces) Day in Iran (November 26).

“The Basiji experts of the defense ministry could take valuable strides in designing and giving service to the Armed Forces in a way that production of different ground, air, marine and electronic weapons and missiles are some instances of the achievements made by the dedicated Basiji engineers and experts,” it added.

The statement praised Basij as one of the strategic achievements of the Islamic Revolution and a symbol of determination and resistance against enemy threats.

The statement came after Secretary of Iran’s Aviation and Space Industries Association Hamed Saeedi announced earlier this month that his country stands among the top 10 countries which have made huge progress in developing and manufacturing drones.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the top 10 world states in area of drone manufacturing,” Saeedi said, addressing a ceremony in the Northwestern city of Ardebil.

Noting that many military experts and commanders believe that Iran is among the few countries which have made such an astonishing progress in building drones, he expressed confidence that the country would still improve its position in the field in future.