Iran to increase nano product sales in Chinese market

MNA – Iran will soon open three more sales offices in China for the sale of domestically-produced nanotechnology products, Head of the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) Saeed Sarkar said Wednesday.

INIC Secretary-General Saeed Sarkar told Mehr News correspondent on Wednesday that the country plans to open three more nano product sales offices in China, which would bring the number of Iranian nano offices in the East Asian country to six.

“We picture a bright future for our advances in nanotechnology and have made good progress in this field so far,” Sarkar said, noting the opening of a slaes office in China two years ago aimed at increasing exports to the East Asian country.

“Investing in China for us is equal to investing in 40 countries, which is why China has been our priority,” Sarkar stressed, adding “if we fail to develop our high-tech sectors, the knowledge-based companies will go bankrupt.”

He went on to add, “selling nano products to China can be a good opportunity for us in nanotechnology field. China can serve as a stepping stone for our knowledge-based companies active in nanotechnology to export their products to other countries.”