EU urges using opportunities in post sanctions era

IRNA – Iran and the European Union should enhance their cooperation further to compensate for the loss caused by the sanctions against Iran, the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development said.

The lifting of sanctions has provided an ample opportunity for the EU to develop cooperation with Iran, Phil Hogan said in a meeting with Iranian Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi in Tehran Saturday evening.

The EU is hopeful and committed to further remove obstacles to prepare the way for the achievement of goals, Hogan said.

The EU commissioner also said that the block, over the past year, has used opportunities created after the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal to achieve win-win goals.

Hogan said that the European Union is interested to enhance its food and agricultural relations with Iran.

In the meantime, the Iranian health minister said that in the same way Iran is among the importers of the food and agricultural products, it wants to introduce its products to the markets in the Union.

Hashemi also called on the EU health authorities to engage with Iran.

Hogan, leading a 70-member delegation from 19 European countries is in the Iranian capital to explore ways to enhance bilateral relations between the Union and Tehran.