Syrian army finds large amount of explosives, chemical weapons in Dayr al-Zawr

Press TV – The Syrian military has found large amounts of chemical weapons and explosive devices while engaged in mop-up operations against Daesh in the country’s eastern city of Dayr al-Zawr.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA on Sunday, booby-traps, drones, bombs and ground mines and explosive belts were also found by Syrian forces in the city’s Rashidiyah neighborhood.

An Improvised Explosive Device workshop was also discovered by the Syrian forces.

The report noted that evidence found along with the chemical weapon stash shows that the Takfiri terrorists were planning to use the materials against civilians.

A Syrian solider flashes the sign for victory as he patrols in the eastern city of Dayr al-Zawr on November 4, 2017.

The Syrian army and its allies broke Daesh’s three-year-old siege over the city in September and fully liberated it on Friday.

Dayr al-Zawr is the capital of an oil-rich Syrian province of the same name, which borders Iraq. The city used to serve as the main Daesh stronghold in Syria after the terror group left Raqqah in the north to US-backed Kurdish militants.

The fall of Daesh in Dayr al-Zawr is yet another key defeat for the Takfiri outfit, which has lost most of the territory it seized in a lightning 2014 advance across Syria and neighboring Iraq.