Lebanon denies foiling PM’s assassination plot

IRNA – General Directorate of State Security of Lebanon has denied reports on having neutralized the assassination plot of Prime Minister Saad Hariri who abruptly resigned on Saturday evening during a visit to Suadi Arabia.

‘What has been published through social network, media and websites has not been from the Lebanese General Directorate of State Security and the body has not been the source of the news and has not known anything about it,’ the security agency announced following the resignation it had not known anything about such a plot.
A few hours after Hariri’s resignation, the Saudi affiliated Al-Arabiya TV channel claimed that recently an assassination plan had been neutralized.
According to Al-Arabiya, the assassination was supposed to take place in Beirut a few days ago, and the plotters were after switching off the cameras while Hariri’s motorcade was moving.
Hariri resigned on Saturday and announced the resignation through Al-Arabiya channel.