US may review its regional plots: Iran top official

IRNA – Washington may change its evil plots through adopting a friendly approach to target the axis of resistance in the region, the chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council said on Thursday.

Everybody should exercise vigilance in order not to be deceived by the United States as history is good evidence for its atrocities in the region, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said during a meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud.

‘US double standard policies in dealing with global issues is the root cause of the mistrust of world nations towards Americans,’ Ayatollah Shahroudi said.

The US is seeking to disintegrate countries in the region, weaken the resistance morale of nations while propping up the Zionist regime, he said.

Shahroudi also thanked the timely measures taken by the Syrian president, resistance leaders and Syrian people who acted on the advice of Iran Supreme Leader which resulted in victory of the Syrian army.

The US is not the enemy of Daesh (ISIS) or the Takfiri terrorist groups and the country is only following to mislead the world public opinion, he said.

In fact it is after weakening the Syrian legitimate government, he added.

The Americans are portraying the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the Hezbollah fighters in Syria as terrorist groups while the world public opinion is aware of what the reality is, the Iranian top official said.

The US, by adopting double standard policies, intends to sow seeds of discord in the region, but people are now losing their trust in Americans, Shahroudi said.

‘We hope the Syrian people to continue the path in which people play a significant role in dealing with the plots masterminded by the US and its allies,’ he said.

Referring to the US disloyalty in dealing with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the head of Iran’s Expediency Council said that Washington has defaulted on its JCPOA commitments and now is trying to refer to other issues which have nothing to do with the July 2015 Iran nuclear deal, such as Iran’s defensive power and its missile program.

They are now imposing new sanctions against the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) which should be regarded as yet another fiasco suffered by them, he said.

They have come to realize that the Islamic Revolution will be materialized through changes of thoughts among world Muslims, Shahroudi said.

Referring to the meetings between the Russian and the Republic of Azerbaijan presidents with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, he said the significant remarks expressed by the Supreme Leader in the meetings indicated the firm determination of Iranian people in dealing with developments in Syria and security of the region.

The Syrian ambassador, for his part, said that expansion of relations and cooperation between Iran and Syria will strengthen the resistance axis.

Adnan Mahmoud expressed hope for Iranian government and people to play an active role in reconstruction of Syrian in the same way they did in defeating the Takfiri terrorists groups.

We have always witnessed air raids against the Syrian territory by the Zionists in support of terrorist groups, he said.