Sanctions not affecting Iran missile program: Cmdr

IRNA – Iran’s development of its missile power is based on domestic resources and sanctions by the world hegemonic systems won’t affect it, said the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

‘The Iranian missiles are among the most sophisticated in the world, and in many cases, they are capable of hitting their targets with precision,’ Major General Mohammad Baqeri said at a ceremony held on the sidelines of a police and border guard exhibition in the Iranian northwestern city of Orumiyeh.

Stressing that, according to the Islamic teachings, developing a nuclear device is, ‘unlawful’, he said that ‘We have repeatedly declared that our missiles are just for defensive .purposes and we do not intend to invade any country.’

He also said that Iran is well-prepared to defend itself and that the deterrent nature of the country’s military power and the self-sacrifice made by the Iranian soldiers are evidence to this argument.