Iraqi PM to visit Iran within days

IRNA – Iraqi Prime Minister Heidar al-Ebadi is to visit Iran within days, it as announced in Baghdad on Wednesday.

The Office of al-Ebadi announced in a statement that the Iraqi PM is heading for visits to Turkey and Iran, completing a regional tour that included Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.

The visit is aimed at reinforcing Iraq cooperation with the regional countries, the statement reads.

Several top Iraqi ministers and officials would accompany al-Ebadi during his regional tour.

According to Iraqi News, al-Ebadi announced during his weekly ministerial meeting that the visits to Turkey and Iran would “convey Iraq’s vision of the region’s future”.

In Turkey, he will discuss “water shares and common borders”, the website quoted al-Ebadi saying.

Iran is the most ardent political and military backer of the Iraqi government and the paramilitary troops fighting Daesh terrorists. Turkish and Iraqi political stances have also converged over the recent months in rejecting a referendum run by Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region in September.