Renegotiation of JCPOA proves impossible

MNA – Vice President Mohammad Nahavandian says that while Iran is committed to the deal for now, the new US policy could cause Tehran to ‘re-think’ its position.

“I think Mr. Trump, as a new president, lost the opportunity to start a new constructive initiative towards Iran,” the Iranian official to a CNN live program adding “he repeated a very negative rhetoric against Iran and the Iranian people which has angered everybody causing all the hostilities of the past to come back to the minds of people.”

The hostilities date back to the time when CIA orchestrated a coup against the legitimate government of Iran in 1953 as well as to when the US government supported Saddam during eight years of imposed war, noted the Nahavandian asserting that “this kind of language would bever work and Donald Trump’s stance on nuclear deal, opposed by all the other parties in the agreement, holds no chance of being supported by others.

When asked about Iran’s current strategy with Europe and if Europeans would surely stand for the agreement or they, along with Russia and China, would turn to President Trump’s views and reopen the deal for renegotiation, Iran’s VP underscored that renegotiation was impossible because no party, neither Iran nor Europe, China or Russia, would never participate in any renegotiation of the JCPOA and as long as all other parties are supporting it, Iran would go along if benefits of this agreement are in place.

“But if the result of the new American stance would be negating the effects of the agreement, Iran will rethink the position,” concluded the Iranian vice-president for economic affairs.