Iranian Parl. speaker visiting Russia to attend Inter-Parliamentary Union Conf.

October  14, The Iran Project – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani left Tehran for St. Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday (Oct 12)  to attend 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting which kicked off on Saturday in St. Petersburg.

During his stay in Russia, the high-ranking Iranian official conferred with Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin and Nurlan Nigmatulin Chairman of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is also to attend the meeting of Parliaments of Collective Security Regional Organization.

Talking to Larijani, Volodin said unreasonable decisions have caused chaos in Iraq, Libya and Syria, adding that US and its western-Arab allies in fighting these three countries, saying “now we are observing destroying countries and governments, killing many people and immigration of millions of people to European countries.”

He also referred to US positions against Iran and Russia, saying fighting sanctions makes Tehran-Moscow closer, but the policy of imposing sanctions makes international relations more complicated.

Meanwhile, Larijani warned the United States against walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying if Washington fails to abide by the accord, nothing will be left of it.

He also slammed Washington for repeatedly violating the nuclear deal since it took effect in January 2016.

In a meeting with Nigmatulin, Larijani said hat recent comments by the American officials on the Iran nuclear deal put under question the legitimacy of the United Nations.

He added that US lack of commitment to multilateral and international agreements should be considered by the UN Security Council and denounced by nations.

The five-day long meeting of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is slated to be held with the attendance of over 150 parliamentary delegations on Saturday.

Over 100 parliament speakers and some 70 vice speakers accompanied by delegations are participating in the event.
Promoting parliamentary cooperation in the international scene, fighting terrorism, countering security challenges faced by the countries and discussing economic and financial issues, human rights and democracy are on the agenda of the IPU meeting.