Iran chides Australia for lack of cooperation over pregnant inmate’s case

Tasnim – An Iranian deputy foreign minister criticized the Australian government for its refusal to cooperate with Tehran on the case of an Iranian pregnant woman detained on charges of violating US commercial laws.

Voicing concern about the poor conditions that Iranian citizen Negar Qods Kani is being kept in, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi criticized the Australian government’s “incredible” neglect of the case of the pregnant woman.

Despite months of serious pursuit of the case by Iran’s Foreign Ministry and its diplomatic mission in Australia, the Canberra government has failed to cooperate in addressing the issue, the deputy minister told ANA news agency.

Coming under the influence of the US government, Australia is not observing moral, humanitarian and human rights principles in treating Qods Kani and has been keeping the pregnant woman in poor conditions despite all claims of advocating human rights, Qashqavi deplored.

Iran strongly opposes the Australian government’s decision to hand over the Iranian woman to the US, he added.

Last week, Chief of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani met Australia’s ambassador to Tehran, demanding that Canberra immediately free Qods Kani.

Iranian officials maintain that she has not committed any crime and, therefore, it is illogical to extradite her to the US.

According to IRNA, Qods Kani has been jailed by the Australian judicial officials since June 16 for alleged violation of US commercial laws.

The Iranian woman, waiting for her first delivery, and her husband emigrated to Australia six years ago through legal procedures.