Iran strongly supports Iraq’s unity, territorial integrity

IRNA – Iran has once more reiterated its support for the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq based on its constitution and strongly expressed its opposition to holding of any referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Iran’s stance was put forward by Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi in a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in New York on Friday.

Araqchi represented Iran at the annual Coordination Meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers which was held on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The full text of his speech is as follow:

‘Allow me to express at the beginning my gratitude to Cote d’Ivoire as the Chair of Council of Ministers for convening this Annual Coordination Meeting. Our thanks also go to the OIC Secretary General for his efforts.’

‘The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his message to Hajj this year reiterated, once again, the heavy responsibility of political, religious and cultural elites in the Muslim world to create “unity” and preventing ethnic and religious conflicts in the Islamic world. We believe that OIC is the prime place for us to demonstrate and practice our unity, and not our divisions. ‘


‘To start with Palestine, we strongly condemn the latest episode of Zionist aggression and provocation, which indicate absolute contempt for international law aiming to alter the historic status of Haram al-Sharif. We take pride in the resolute resistance of the Palestinian people which brought this act of aggression to an end.’
‘Despite solid facts and evidences, the Zionist regime has not been held accountable for its crimes. It is unacceptable that Israeli impunity persists without consequences.’


‘The Syrian people are victims to violent extremism and terrorism. The extent to which a number of extremist groups have brought unprecedented deaths and destruction to Syria, constitutes a danger that should be taken seriously by all nations. Iran has always been of the view that the cessation of support for the terrorist groups in Syria and an effective cease-fire, are necessary to pave the way for a political solution for the crisis in Syria. In this context, we welcome and support the Astana Process and creation of de-escalation zones.’


‘In Yemen, thousands of innocent people killed or injured since the start of the conflict; and since we met here last year many more schools, hospitals, factories and residential areas in different parts of Yemen have been bombed. According to the latest UNHCHR, dated 13 September, Coalition airstrikes continue to be the leading cause of civilian casualties, including of women and children. The suffering of the Yemeni people is now compounded by the grave epidemic of cholera, which is a direct result of blind attacks on medical centers, as well as sieges, blockades, and restrictions on movement.’

‘As from the beginning of the crisis in Yemen, we have stressed that there could be no military solution. The solution could only be achieved through a Yemeni-led, peaceful, inclusive, and orderly political transition process that meets the legitimate demands and aspirations of all Yemeni people.’


‘What is going on in Myanmar is a clear example of systematic ethnic cleansing. The international community, Islamic countries, OIC and the UN, must act swiftly and undertake all necessary measures to put an immediate end to the ongoing violence against Rohinya Muslim community, and allow access of humanitarian assistance to the violence-stricken regions.’
‘We commend the government of Bangladesh for hosting Rohinyan refugees.’


‘In conclusion, I have to stress that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly supports unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, and emphasizes on the need to respect Iraqi constitution by all parties. We are concerned over a possible referendum in the Kurdish part of Iraq, and register our support to the proposal made by the Iraqi delegation in regards to inclusion of the matter in the Chair summery.’