Iran President urges need for developing educational system

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday stressed the importance of fostering development in the country’s educational system.

‘Schools should be venues of courtesy and morality,’ President Rouhani said in a ceremony held at a school in western Iranian capital, marking start of the new school year in the country.

President Rouhani also called on the Iranian teachers to introduce cyberspace to their pupils and teach them how to use the medium perfectly.

He further advised the Iranian students and teachers to educate themselves to respect each others’ opinions and how to tolerate each other.

Referring to Iran’s prominent scientific place in the world, the President stressed the need to foster development of the educational system in the country.

School year begins in Iran on the first day of Autumn, based on the Iranian calendar, which falls on the first day of the Iranian month of Mehr (September 23, 2017).