Shamkhani: Iran to end military accords with KRG in case of split

MNA – Iran’s security chief Ali Shamkhani said Sun. all military agreements with semi-autonomous Kurdistan region will be terminated if the region goes ahead with the decision to split from Baghdad.

Head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani made the remarks on Sunday as Iraqi Kurdish legislators of the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region approved holding a referendum on independence on September 25 despite growing opposition from Baghdad and neighboring countries.

“The split has no legal basis and will definitely bring about security issues for the Middle East, Iraq, and especially the Kurdistan region,” he stressed.

Shamkhani went on to highlight the decisive role of Kurds in Iraqi government and the need for continuing the use of their capacities for the improvement of security, economic and political structures of Kurdistan region, adding “the opposition from neighboring countries over the holding of the referendum will complicate the situation for Kurdistan after the split.”

Stressing that Iran only recognizes the united and federal government of Iraq, Shamkhani said “any disruption to this strategic principle will lead to a serious reconsideration and change of the ongoing cooperation between Iran and the Kurdistan region.”

Border agreements are in place solely with the central government of Iraq and the separation of the Kurdish region from the central government will indicate the blocking of all joint border checkpoints, he added.

Shamkhani further stressed that Iran would adopt a completely different approach toward border security in case Kurdistan region separated from Iraq.