Kurdistan referendum to yield more conflicts in ME: Brig. Gen. Jazayeri

MNA– Senior Iranian commander Jazayeri says that the referendum in Kurdistan is securing the interests of ‘the Americans and Israeli regime’.

“The referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan will pave the way for occurrence of more atrocities in the region and Iraq, with a lot of harms entailing” reiterated Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, on Sunday, “the long run policy of the US and the Zionist regime is to weaken and disintegrate Muslim countries of the region.”

He noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to any measure aligned with the above-stated goals, asserting that the referendum will even bring about many troubles for the Iraqi Kurds.

“It is up to everybody to try against this destructive measure,” held the Iranian commander. He then touched upon the imposition of new anti-Iran sanctions by the US saying that, “the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly experienced American and European sanctions against its interests in areas of politics, economy, diplomacy, military, science, and technology, and in practice, it is now clear that even the JCPOA did not satisfy the greed of the US and other sides of the agreements.”

He affirmed that the Americans’ insistence on keeping and increasing sanctions against Iran will leave no doubt that the animosity against the Islamic Republic of Iran is still kept and practiced. “While, in the most optimistic situation, it is farfetched to see the European side weight against the Americans’ greed, and even it should be remembered that the Europeans were at some stages harsher than the Americans,” reassured the Iranian Brigadier General.

The Iranian military figure asserted that the only way left for Iran is to be self-reliant and utilize its potentials which would fruit ten times more than hoping what Americans ana Europeans will do for Iran because of the JCPOA.