Hassan “Jangju”, boy soldier of the Iran-Iraq war, laid to rest at last

The Times – He was said to have been just 13 when he was photographed in 1980, crawling through the marshes of southern Iran, rifle at the ready, fighting the invading forces of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Hassan “Jangju” — Warrior — had volunteered for a Iranian guerrilla fighting force, and the image taken that day was used in propaganda and recruitment posters by the Islamic Republic.

He died three years later during Iran’s first strategic offensive of the eight-year war.

Jeyran Pourali, Hassan Jangju's mother, who died hours after his funeral

Jeyran Pourali, Hassan Jangju’s mother, who died hours after his funeral

Bodies from the conflict in which up to a million people died are still being discovered and repatriated — and Hassan was finally brought home and buried on Tuesday in his home city of Tabriz, in northern Iran.


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