Iranian General: Muslim world no longer under Colonial boots

IRNA – The Muslim world is no longer going to be the scene of muscle-flexing for the Western Colonialism, particularly the United States and Britain, an Iranian senior military official said.

‘The West should take a lesson from history and remember that history does not repeat itself,’ Brigadier General Hossein Salami said Sunday evening in the city of Tangestan in southern Province of Bushehr, marking the martyrdom anniversary of Rais Ali Delvari.

Delvari was an anti-British colonialism Iranian fighter during the World War I.

‘The Muslim world, particularly Iran, is on the course of progress and development and the Muslims are recovering their noble religious identity,’ the second-in-command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps added.

‘Today nothing is capable of changing the course of the Muslim World towards progress as the Islamic Revolution of Iran has helped establishment of strong foundations all across the World of Islam,’ he added.

The Hezbollah Islamic Movement in Lebanon, Ansarullah Islamic Movement in Yemen, and the Popular Forces in Iraq and Syria are objective evidence, the IRGC General said.

‘Today all across the world, flags of resistance against colonial forces are flying and this is a big lesson world Muslims have learned from Iran,’ Salami said.

‘The West has to recognize Iran and engage with the country, as a big independent nation,’ he said.

‘The US wanted, by imposing sanctions, to make Iran surrender, but everybody saw that the country has been advancing towards more growth during the sanctions era,’ Salami said.